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Unlike most firms, MHKKG is an intellectual property “boutique,” which specializes only in intellectual property law (such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, unfair competition, and domain names).  Our practice includes the following general areas:

  • Procurement and prosecution of patents, trademarks and copyrights
  • Trial and appellate work
  • Transactional matters
  • Counseling as to the protection, enforcement, and leveraging of intellectual property rights 

Procurement and Prosecution Practice

MHKKG is one of the leading law firms in the United States for intellectual property matters.  In 2011, we were recognized by Intellectual Property Today as one of the top 10 law firms in the country with respect to the quality, technological strength and breadth of impact of patent prosecution.  Intellectual Asset Management also ranked us in the top 10 nationwide in information technology in 2011 with respect to the highest quality of issued patents.  Intellectual Property Today also lists us in the top 85 law firms nationwide with respect to the number of trademark registrations issued in 2010.

Naturally, our professionals are licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and we have built up substantial expertise in various practice areas, including high technology electrical prosecution, computer and microprocessor architecture, oilfield technology, and biomedical innovations, including medical devices and various aspects of biotechnology. 

In addition to patents, we also have a very active trademark and copyright procurement practice.  We have filed literally hundreds upon hundreds of trademark and copyright applications, as well as securing domain names, and maintaining an active anti-piracy program on behalf of various clients.

Trial and Appellate Practice

We know that sometimes disputes occur.  When a client is sued, or needs to bring a case to court to protect valuable intellectual property rights, the decisions made can be far-reaching.  The fact of the matter is, every client is important, and every case must be handled with the serious, diligent and aggressive attention it deserves.  It is not enough to just understand the technology, though, it is critical to be able to explain complex issues in an everyday manner to the judge or jury. 

We have been fortunate to be able to do just that, in representing a wide variety of clients in hundreds of intellectual property litigation matters all over the country, including patent, trademark, trade secret, breach of contract, copyright and domain name cases.

These cases have involved many different types of products or technologies, such as automotive products, exercise equipment, medical devices, fishing tackle, consumer items, computer hardware, telecommunications equipment, and optical equipment, to name just a few.  In fact, we were honored in 2004 by “Kroll on Track” for our involvement in the “Thought Leading Computer Forensic Case of the Year.”

Just a few examples of some of the federal court cases that our attorneys have handled or been involved in include the following:

Auto Wax v. Mark V Products
Chase Medical v. CHF Technologies
Molins v. Textron
Gambro v. Baxter
Spinal Products v. Errico
Ventana v. Cell Marque
Allcare v. Heatheon
Rodgers v. Horizon
EF Products v. Interdynamics
Auto Wax v. Kucala
Alameda Fishing Tackle v. Comal Tackle
In a Lather v. The Royal Soap Company
Dumas v. Singer Real Estate
Graedon Enterprises v. People’s Pharmacy
Q2100 v. Optical Molding System
Gloster v. Relios
Texas Lottery Commission v. Associates in Implants
Arthrocare v. Tighe
A Major Difference v. Wellspring Products
3M v. Western Pacific Telecommunications

In addition to federal court matters, we have handled litigation matters as diverse as inter partes reexamination proceedings in the patent office, Trademark Trial and Appeal proceedings before the trademark office, and domain name arbitration proceedings before the National Arbitration Forum.  For example, we have been involved in well over 50 trademark opposition or cancellation matters in the Patent and Trademark Office in the last few years alone.  We have successfully obtained domain names from third party registrants or cybersquatters in approximately 30 different arbitration proceedings over the past three to four years.

While we are proud of the results we have achieved to date, success on prior cases does not mean that all future cases will be resolved successfully.  It does indicate, however, that we take trial work seriously, and we devote our full attention, effort and resources to try to get the best results possible for our clients.

Transactional Practice

As part of our intellectual property focus, the firm provides services in structuring, drafting, and negotiating intellectual property and e-commerce transactions.  We have assisted many different clients with matters such as intellectual property licensing, technology transfer agreements, service agreements, software licensing, marketing and distribution arrangements, franchise agreements, advertising and entertainment arrangements, work for hire and non-compete agreements, and personality rights.  In addition, we have substantial experience with e-commerce and Internet related transactions, including agreements for web site development and hosting, co-branding, Internet-based services, and content licensing.


Counseling clients concerning intellectual property rights is another major component to our law practice.  Such counseling includes patent and trademark infringement analysis, patent and trademark validity analysis, as well as rendering opinions on patent validity and infringement and on trademark and service mark infringement and registration. The firm also provides advice on the protection of inventions, trade secrets, and copyrightable subject matter as well as recommendations on the selection, design, and use of trademarks and service marks. 

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