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3-D Graphics

The firm has expertise in the area of computer graphics, including all aspects of three-dimensional graphics.  Representative areas include geometry compression and decompression, 3-D graphics hardware architecture, clipping, lighting, rendering, texture mapping, 3D-RAM architectures, supersampling architectures, and virtual reality.

Chemistry, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

The firm has expertise in all areas of chemistry, chemical engineering, and petroleum engineering.  Fields of practice include organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, oil exploration and production technologies, refining products and processes, and petrochemical catalysts.  Many of our practitioners hold doctoral degrees in chemistry or chemical engineering.  Our expertise in organic chemistry includes natural product chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, drug synthesis, polymer chemistry, and medicinal chemistry.  In the field of inorganic chemistry our firm has experience studying both natural and synthetic inorganic materials and extensive experience with inorganic catalysts.

Computer Architecture

The firm has a wealth of experience in the computer architecture field, including the areas of bus architecture, cache architecture, microprocessor architecture, chipset logic, peripherals, serial bus architecture, power management, computer graphics, power supplies, and fan control, among others.  At various times, professionals of the firm have prepared and prosecuted patents on behalf of Compaq Computer Corporation, Dell Computer Corporation, Sun Microsystems and Advanced Micro Devices, as well as many other clients in the computer technology area.

Computer-Based Measurement and Automation

The firm has expertise in the area of computer-based measurement and automation, including graphical programming software, driver level software, data acquisition, machine vision, motion control, GPIB hardware and software, signal conditioning, and software expert systems, among others.

Life and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The firm includes specialists in biomedical and life sciences.  Our attorneys, patent agents and technical advisors have experience representing clients in the fields of biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, and pharmaceutical sciences.  Specific areas of expertise include drug design and application, protein/peptide chemistry, and genetics.  Many of our practitioners hold doctoral degrees in the chemical and life sciences and have conducted scientific research at prestigious universities and research institutes in the United States, Canada and Europe. 

Mechanical Engineering

A significant number of our attorneys, patent agents, and technical advisors have extensive experience working on mechanical inventions.  Our firm has a large amount of experience working with many different simple and complex mechanical devices.  Representative areas include polymer processing equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, amusement rides, exercise devices, cleaning devices, automobile air conditioning devices, and vehicle cleaning technologies.

Medical Devices and Implants

The firm has a vast array of expertise in the area of medical devices and implants.  Representative areas include technologies for orthopedic, spine, dental, ophthalmic, breast, cardiovascular, and cancer applications.  We have prepared and prosecuted a large number of patents relating to diagnostic devices, prosthetics, endoscopic devices, implants, and medicinal software. 

Processor Architecture

The firm has considerable expertise in the processor architecture area, primarily related to X86 superscalar microprocessor architectures.  Professionals in the firm have prepared and prosecuted patents related to all levels of processor architecture.  For example, the firm has prepared and prosecuted patents related to instruction set architecture extensions (e.g. 3DNowTM and AMD64TM extensions).  Additionally, the firm has prepared and prosecuted patents related to numerous processor microarchitectural features, including front end fetch mechanisms (e.g. branch prediction and other fetch prediction mechanisms), out of order execution mechanisms (e.g. reorder buffers, schedulers, register renaming mechanisms, etc.), caching mechanisms, power management features, etc.


The firm has a broad practice in the area of computer software, including the areas of Java™ software, storage configuration and management, graphical or iconic programming, measurement and automation software, networking software, compilers, database software, and Internet-related software, among numerous other areas.

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