Technology Areas

The firm has expertise in all areas of chemistry, chemical engineering, and petroleum engineering.  Fields of practice include organic chemistry inorganic chemistry…[expand title=”Read More”]  analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, oil exploration and production technologies, refining products and processes, and petrochemical catalysts.  Many of our practitioners hold doctoral degrees in chemistry or chemical engineering.

Our expertise in organic chemistry includes natural product chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, drug synthesis, polymer chemistry, and medicinal chemistry.  In the field of inorganic chemistry our firm has experience studying both natural and synthetic inorganic materials and extensive experience with inorganic catalysts.[/expand]

The firm has deep experience in all aspects of computer architecture, encompassing system design and organization, instruction set architecture (ISA), and processor microarchitecture… [expand title=”Read More”] for mobile, desktop, and server platforms. For example, at the system level, the firm has prepared applications relating to system-on-a-chip (SoC) technologies as well as larger-scale computing systems, including chipsets, bus and peripheral logic interfacing, memory and storage subsystems and associated controllers, power and thermal management, and power supplies.  At the ISA level of abstraction, the firm has protected numerous improvements in software-visible ISA extensions for, e.g., multimedia applications, cryptography, and code vectorization/threading, as well as compiler techniques for leveraging such extensions.  At the microarchitectural level, the firm has experience dealing with every aspect of the instruction execution pipeline, including inventions dealing with out-of-order, speculative, and superscalar execution, memory coherency, cache architectures, branch and data prediction, and power management, among many other innovations.[/expand]

The firm has expertise in the area of computer-based measurement and automation, including graphical programming software, driver level software, data acquisition, machine…[expand title=”Read More”] vision motion control, GPIB hardware and software, signal conditioning, and software expert systems, among others.[/expand]